Oregon State Baseball Postseason Projections: Where Will The Beavers Land?

If you are a fan of Oregon State baseball, you are probably excited about the postseason. The Beavers finished the regular season with a 39-16 record and a top 10 ranking in most polls. They also qualified for the Pac-12 Tournament, where they will face Arizona on Wednesday.

But where will Oregon State play after the conference tournament? And who will they have to beat to reach the College World Series in Omaha?

In this blog post, we will look at the latest postseason projections from D1Baseball and Baseball America, two of the most respected sources for college baseball analysis. We will also explain how the NCAA baseball tournament works and what factors could affect Oregon State’s chances of advancing.

How The NCAA Baseball Tournament Works

The NCAA baseball tournament consists of 64 teams divided into 16 regionals of four teams each. The regionals are double-elimination, meaning a team has to lose twice to be eliminated. The winner of each regional advances to the super regionals, where they face another regional winner in a best-of-three series.

The super regionals are paired according to national seeds, which are assigned to the top 16 teams in the country by the NCAA selection committee. The national seeds are guaranteed to host a regional and a super regional if they advance. The other regional hosts are determined by factors such as RPI, record, conference performance, quality wins, and geography.

The eight super regional winners advance to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, where they are split into two brackets of four teams each. The brackets are double-elimination, and the winners of each bracket face each other in a best-of-three championship series.

Oregon State’s Postseason Projections

As of May 22, Oregon State is projected to be a No. 2 seed in different regionals by D1Baseball and Baseball America.

D1Baseball has Oregon State in the Stillwater Regional with No. 13 national seed Oklahoma State as the host. The other teams in the regional are Dallas Baptist and Oral Roberts. The Stillwater Regional is paired with the Baton Rouge Regional hosted by No. 4 national seed LSU[^1^][4].

Baseball America has Oregon State in the Morgantown Regional with No. 7 national seed West Virginia as the host. The other teams in the regional are Connecticut and Bryant. The Morgantown Regional is paired with the Charlottesville Regional hosted by No. 10 national seed Virginia[^2^][5].

What Could Change Oregon State’s Postseason Outlook

These projections are not final and could change depending on how Oregon State and other teams perform in their conference tournaments and how the selection committee evaluates them.

Some factors that could help Oregon State improve its postseason position are:

  • Winning the Pac-12 Tournament or reaching the final.
  • Getting a higher RPI ranking (currently No. 17).
  • Hoping for some upsets or losses by teams ahead of them in the national seed or hosting race.
  • Showing consistency and dominance against quality opponents.

Some factors that could hurt Oregon State’s postseason position are:

  • Losing early or badly in the Pac-12 Tournament.
  • Dropping in the RPI ranking or losing ground to other teams.
  • Having some bad losses or close games against weaker opponents.
  • Lacking quality wins or signature series wins against top teams.


Oregon State baseball has had a great season and is poised to make some noise in the postseason. The Beavers have a talented and experienced roster that can compete with anyone in the country.

However, they also face some tough challenges and uncertainties in their quest for Omaha. They will have to play well in their conference tournament and hope for some favorable outcomes from other teams and regions.

No matter where they end up playing, Oregon State will have to bring their best game and fight hard for every win. The road to Omaha is not easy, but it is rewarding for those who make it.

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