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NBA Legends and Guests on the Latest Episode of Mage The … (Watch Now!)

Meta description: Watch NBA legends like Randy Moss, Kirk Goldsberry and Isiah Thomas join Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the latest episode of Mage The, the hottest podcast in basketball.

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If you are a fan of basketball, you don’t want to miss the latest episode of Mage The, the weekly podcast series that features NBA legends and guests sharing their unfiltered perspective on the game and beyond.

In this episode, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are joined by Randy Moss, Kirk Goldsberry and Isiah Thomas, who share their insights on the NBA playoffs, their personal stories and their opinions on social justice, politics and music.

You will also get to see a special appearance from Mike Tirico and Mage The Horse, the mascot of the podcast that has become a viral sensation.

What to expect from this episode

Here are some of the highlights from this episode:

  • Randy Moss talks about his transition from football to basketball broadcasting, his relationship with Kevin Garnett and his favorite NBA players of all time.
  • Kirk Goldsberry breaks down the analytics behind the NBA playoffs, the impact of injuries on the contenders and the evolution of shooting in the league.
  • Isiah Thomas reflects on his legendary career, his rivalry with Michael Jordan and the current state of the Detroit Pistons.
  • Mike Tirico and Mage The Horse join the show for a surprise segment where they quiz the hosts and guests on their basketball knowledge and trivia.

How to watch this episode

You can watch this episode on YouTube[^1^][3], Spotify[^2^][1] or Showtime[^3^][2]. You can also subscribe to Mage The podcast on your favorite platform to get notified when new episodes are released every Thursday.

This episode is a must-watch for any basketball lover who wants to hear from some of the greatest players and analysts in the game. Don’t miss this chance to learn from NBA legends and guests on the latest episode of Mage The.

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