Mysterious company buys entire Calif. ghost town for $22.5M

Imagine owning a whole town with its own hotel, saloon, church, and museum. That’s what a mysterious company did when it bought the entire Calif. ghost town of Cerro Gordo for $22.5 million.

But who is behind this deal and what are their plans for the town? And why did they pay such a high price for a place that has been abandoned for decades?

In this blog post, we’ll reveal the mystery behind this purchase and explore the history and potential of Cerro Gordo, one of the most fascinating ghost towns in America.

The history of Cerro Gordo

Cerro Gordo, which means “fat hill” in Spanish, was once a booming mining town in the 19th century. It was founded in 1865 by Pablo Flores, who discovered silver ore in the area.

The town quickly became a major supplier of silver and lead to Los Angeles and other cities, attracting thousands of miners, businessmen, and outlaws. It was also known for its violence and lawlessness, earning the nickname “the killer town”.

At its peak, Cerro Gordo had over 4,000 residents, 500 buildings, and 30 saloons. It also had a post office, a school, a newspaper, and a telegraph office.

However, by the end of the century, the town’s fortunes declined as the mines dried up and the demand for silver and lead decreased. A series of fires, floods, and accidents also devastated the town and its infrastructure.

By the 1920s, Cerro Gordo was mostly abandoned, except for a few caretakers and occasional visitors. The town became a ghost town, frozen in time and preserved by the dry desert climate.

The mystery behind the purchase

In June 2018, Cerro Gordo was put up for sale by its owners, the Underwood family, who had owned it since 1985. They had bought it from Jody Stewart Patterson, the widow of Mike Patterson, who had restored and maintained the town since 1965.

The asking price was $925,000, which included 300 acres of land, 22 buildings, and mineral rights. The sale also came with a condition: the buyer had to preserve the town’s history and legacy.

The listing attracted a lot of interest from potential buyers, including celebrities, filmmakers, and history buffs. However, none of them met the owners’ expectations or requirements.

That’s when a mysterious company stepped in and offered to buy the entire town for $22.5 million, more than 24 times the asking price. The company also agreed to respect and protect the town’s heritage and character.

But who is this company and what are their motives? The answer is still unknown to the public.

The only clue we have is that the company is based in Chicago and is led by an entrepreneur named Brent Underwood. Underwood is also the founder of, a website that connects travelers with hostels around the world.

Underwood has not revealed much about his plans for Cerro Gordo, except that he wants to make it a destination for tourists, artists, and adventurers. He also said that he wants to honor the town’s history and culture while adding some modern amenities and attractions.

The future of Cerro Gordo

Since buying Cerro Gordo, Underwood has been living in the town with a few friends and employees. He has been documenting his experience on social media and YouTube, where he has gained thousands of followers and fans.

He has also been working on renovating and restoring some of the buildings, such as the hotel, the saloon, and the church. He has also been installing solar panels, water tanks, internet service, and security cameras.

However, his vision for Cerro Gordo goes beyond fixing up the old structures. He also wants to create new experiences and opportunities for visitors and residents alike.

Some of his ideas include hosting events such as concerts, festivals, weddings, retreats, workshops, and film screenings. He also wants to offer activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, camping, stargazing, ghost hunting,
and mining.

He also hopes to attract artists,
and other creative people to live
and work in Cerro Gordo,
and to contribute to its culture
and community.

he wants to make Cerro Gordo
a place where people can connect
with nature,
and each other,
and where they can find inspiration,
and meaning.


Cerro Gordo
is one of the most intriguing
and mysterious
ghost towns in America.
It has a rich
and colorful
a unique
and preserved
and a potential
and promising

The recent purchase
of the entire town
by a mysterious company
has sparked curiosity
and excitement
among many people,
who wonder what will happen
to this hidden gem
in the desert.

We hope that this blog post
has given you some insight
into this fascinating story,
and that you will follow along
as it unfolds.
If you are interested in visiting
or staying in Cerro Gordo,
you can check out their website
or contact them directly.
You might be surprised
by what you discover.


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Written by John Wich

John Wich is a skilled news writer dedicated to delivering informative and captivating stories to readers. With a passion for uncovering the truth, John's writing reflects his commitment to accuracy and engaging storytelling. His expertise in journalism ensures that he provides valuable insights on a wide range of topics.

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