Jack Harlow: The Unexpected Savior of the White Men Can’t Jump Remake

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Jack Harlow: The Unexpected Savior of the White Men Can’t Jump Remake

White Men Can’t Jump is a classic sports comedy from 1992 that starred Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as two streetball hustlers who team up to make some money. The film was a hit with critics and audiences alike, and became a cult favorite over the years.

But in 2023, a new version of White Men Can’t Jump hit the screens, with a surprising twist: Jack Harlow, a rapper who had never acted before, was cast as one of the leads. How did this happen? And how did he manage to pull it off?

Who is Jack Harlow?

Jack Harlow is a 25-year-old rapper from Louisville, Kentucky, who rose to fame with his hit single “What’s Poppin” in 2020. He was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for the song, and has collaborated with artists like Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Eminem.

Harlow is known for his witty lyrics, catchy hooks, and charismatic personality. He has a loyal fan base that supports his music and his ventures into other fields, such as fashion and podcasting.

How did he get cast in White Men Can’t Jump?

According to Variety[^1^][3], Harlow was approached by the director of the remake, Calmatic, who had previously worked with him on a music video. Calmatic was impressed by Harlow’s natural talent and charisma, and thought he would be perfect for the role of Jeremy, a basketball hustler who teams up with Kamal (played by Sinqua Walls) to enter a tournament for $500,000.

Harlow was hesitant at first, since he had no acting experience and was busy with his music career. But he decided to give it a shot after reading the script by Kenya Barris and Doug Hall, which updated the story and humor for a modern audience.

How did he prepare for the role?

Harlow told Variety[^2^][4] that he spent months training for the role, both physically and mentally. He had to learn how to play basketball convincingly, as well as how to deliver his lines with confidence and timing.

He also studied the original film and tried to emulate Woody Harrelson’s performance, while adding his own flair and personality. He said he wanted to pay homage to the original, but also make it his own.

How did he do in the film?

The film was released on Hulu on May 19, 2023, and received positive reviews from critics and fans. Many praised Harlow’s acting debut, saying he was funny, charming, and believable as Jeremy. They also enjoyed his chemistry with Walls, who played Kamal.

The film also featured Teyana Taylor, Laura Harrier, Vince Staples, Myles Bullock and the late Lance Reddick in supporting roles. The trailer for the film has over 4 million views on YouTube[^3^][1], and the film has been trending on social media ever since its release.

Why is Jack Harlow the unexpected savior of the remake?

Many people were skeptical when they heard that White Men Can’t Jump was being remade, especially with a rapper as one of the leads. They wondered if Harlow could live up to Harrelson’s iconic performance, or if he would ruin the film.

But Harlow proved them wrong by delivering a stellar performance that captured the essence of the original film, while also bringing something new and fresh to it. He showed that he has more than just musical talent; he has acting talent too.

He also brought a lot of attention and buzz to the film, thanks to his popularity and fan base. He helped make the film a viral hit on Google Search and other platforms.

That’s why Jack Harlow is the unexpected savior of the White Men Can’t Jump remake. He took a risk by stepping out of his comfort zone and into a new challenge. And he nailed it.

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