How Taylor Swift Surprised a Fall River Fan with Free Tickets to Foxboro Show

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How Taylor Swift Surprised a Fall River Fan with Free Tickets to Foxboro Show

Taylor Swift is known for her generosity and kindness towards her fans. She often goes out of her way to make them feel special and appreciated. But one lucky fan from Fall River, MA got the surprise of a lifetime when she won free tickets to see Taylor Swift live in Foxboro.

Abbie Bustin, a 20-year-old student and avid Swiftie, had been trying to get tickets for the Eras Tour, but they were either too expensive or sold out. She had almost given up hope when she heard about a Fun 107 on-air contest that offered a chance to win two tickets by singing a Taylor Swift song.

Abbie decided to give it a shot and called in to the radio station. She sang “You Belong With Me” with confidence and enthusiasm, impressing the hosts and listeners. She was overjoyed when she found out she was the winner of the coveted tickets.

Abbie Bustin won tickets from Fun 107 for the Taylor Swift concert in Foxboro.

But that was not all. Taylor Swift herself heard about Abbie’s story and decided to surprise her with a personal video message. She congratulated Abbie on winning the tickets and thanked her for being such a loyal fan. She also invited her to meet her backstage before the show.

Abbie was speechless when she saw the video. She couldn’t believe that her idol had noticed her and wanted to meet her. She said it was a dream come true and that she was so grateful for Taylor’s kindness.

How to Win Free Tickets to See Taylor Swift in Foxboro

If you’re wondering how you can win free tickets to see Taylor Swift in Foxboro, you’re not alone. Thousands of fans are eager to witness her amazing performance at the prestigious venue.

Fortunately, there are still some ways you can try your luck and score some tickets without breaking the bank. Here are some tips:

  • Follow Taylor Swift on social media and look out for any giveaways or contests she might announce. She often rewards her fans with free tickets or merchandise for their support and creativity.
  • Check out local radio stations or websites that might have partnerships with Taylor Swift or her sponsors. They might offer some opportunities to win tickets by answering trivia questions, submitting videos, or sharing stories.
  • Join a fan club or community that is dedicated to Taylor Swift. You might find some fellow fans who are willing to sell or trade their tickets for a reasonable price or even give them away for free.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win free tickets by following these tips, but it doesn’t hurt to try. You never know when luck might strike and you might get the chance to see Taylor Swift live in Foxboro.


Taylor Swift is one of the most popular and talented artists of our time. She has millions of fans around the world who adore her music and personality. She also has a reputation for being generous and thoughtful towards her fans, often surprising them with gifts or experiences they’ll never forget.

One such fan is Abbie Bustin from Fall River, MA, who won free tickets to see Taylor Swift in Foxboro thanks to a Fun 107 on-air contest. She also got a personal video message from Taylor Swift herself and an invitation to meet her backstage before the show.

If you want to win free tickets to see Taylor Swift in Foxboro too, you might want to follow some of the tips we shared above. You might get lucky and score some tickets without spending a fortune.

Or you can always buy your tickets online from reputable sources like Ticketmaster or StubHub. But hurry up, because they’re selling fast and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Have you ever seen her live in concert? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!

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