How Karen McDougal’s Playboy Past Led to Her Trump Affair Scandal

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How Karen McDougal’s Playboy Past Led to Her Trump Affair Scandal

Karen McDougal is a former Playboy model who claims she had a 10-month affair with Donald Trump in 2006-2007. She also alleges that Trump’s lawyer paid her $150,000 to keep quiet about it before the 2016 presidential election. But how did her Playboy past lead to her involvement with Trump and what did she reveal about the scandal?

Karen McDougal’s Playboy Career

Karen McDougal was born in Indiana in 1971 and started modeling at the age of 20. She moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and was discovered by Playboy magazine. She became the Playmate of the Month for December 1997 and the Playmate of the Year for 1998. She appeared on several Playboy covers and videos and became one of the most popular models of the magazine.

Karen McDougal also pursued an acting career and appeared in some movies and TV shows, such as The Arena, Charlie’s Angels, Joe Dirt, and Lovespring International. She also posed for other magazines, such as Maxim, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle & Fitness.

Karen McDougal’s Affair with Donald Trump

Karen McDougal met Donald Trump at a party at the Playboy Mansion in June 2006. She claims that Trump was immediately attracted to her and asked for her phone number. They started a relationship that lasted until April 2007. She says that Trump was very attentive and generous with her, giving her gifts, money, and access to his private jet and golf courses. She also says that they had unprotected sex several times and that he told her he loved her.

Karen McDougal says that she ended the affair because she felt guilty and conflicted about being involved with a married man. She also says that she was hurt by some of Trump’s comments about her appearance and ethnicity. She says that she tried to stay away from him but he kept calling her and asking her to meet him.

Karen McDougal’s Silence Agreement

Karen McDougal says that she wanted to share her story with the public but she was prevented by a legal agreement she signed with American Media Inc., the publisher of The National Enquirer. She says that in August 2016, she was approached by Keith Davidson, a lawyer who claimed he could help her sell her story to a media outlet. She says that Davidson negotiated a deal with AMI for $150,000 in exchange for her exclusive rights to her story.

Karen McDougal says that she was misled by Davidson and AMI about the terms of the agreement. She says that she was told that AMI would publish her story but they never did. She also says that she was told that AMI would promote her fitness career but they never did. She says that she later learned that Davidson was also working with Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, who was involved in the payment and the cover-up of the affair.

Karen McDougal’s Revelations

Karen McDougal broke her silence in March 2018, when she filed a lawsuit against AMI to invalidate the agreement and regain her rights to her story. She also gave an interview to CNN, where she detailed her affair with Trump and apologized to Melania Trump, his wife. She said that she was speaking out because she wanted to clear her conscience and reclaim her voice.

Karen McDougal’s lawsuit was settled in April 2018, when AMI agreed to release her from the agreement and allow her to keep the $150,000 payment. She also gained the rights to her own photos and videos related to the affair. She said that she was happy with the outcome and hoped to move on with her life.


Karen McDougal is a former Playboy model who had an affair with Donald Trump and was paid to keep quiet about it before the 2016 election. She sued AMI to regain her rights to her story and spoke publicly about the scandal. She said that she regretted the affair and wanted to tell the truth.

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