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North Dallas Car Burglar Shoots Victim in Cold Blood, Police Investigate

Imagine you’re walking to your car after a long day at work. You see a stranger rummaging through your belongings. You confront him, hoping to scare him away. But instead of fleeing, he pulls out a gun and shoots you in the chest.

That’s exactly what happened to Adalberto Santiago, a 34-year-old security guard who worked at Preston Center, a shopping and office complex in North Dallas. He was fatally shot on Friday afternoon by a car burglar who escaped in a gold Toyota Camry[^1^][1].

This is not an isolated incident. Car burglaries are on the rise in North Dallas, especially in parking garages and lots near busy areas. In January, a man was killed on North Central Expressway Service Road by a gunman who stole his car[^2^][3]. In February, another man was shot and killed in his car near Forest Lane and Marsh Lane[^3^][4]. And in 2018, a bar guard was shot by a suspected car burglar near the Dallas North Tollway and Lemmon Avenue[^4^][5].

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